National Council of Faiths and Beliefs in Further Education
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All Faiths and None (AFAN) is a group of people from different, religious and non-religious traditions who are exploring some of the big questions in life. The perspectives come from the worldviews of our own traditions. The questions and topics come from young people from various backgrounds. We do not claim to have all the answers and the perspectives we give are personal and not necessarily shared by others with the same worldview.

Our website provides resources to enable learners and staff to explore for themselves and develop their own perspective on the topics and worldviews. Here you can find short essays on a range of topics from death to sex and freedom to violence exploring these topics from each of the traditions. There are also videos, music images, news items and weblinks. You can use all these different resources to

explore further the values and beliefs held by people in the world today.

We hope that these resources will help to build mutual understanding, and recognition of common values and unique differences. Teachers wanting to use

these resources in their colleges will find the necessary tools to facilitate this in the teachers’ section of this site.

AFAN contributors have been working with fbfe to run staff development days in colleges around the country. The sessions focus on the experiential use of the material and the AFAN methodology.

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