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Spirit Level DVD

fbfe colleagues in the South West region have recently produce this promotional DVD for FE chaplaincy. Please encourage those in your college or faith community with an interest in chaplaincy to review it.


FE Chaplains Network on Facebook

This may be useful and interesting for you to join.  A great way to get feedback interesting ideas for Equality and Diversity week, workshops, ask questions?  etc, etc.  The more people join the more you can share ideas, network and find good practice nationally or just to make this space what you want it to be.  Also below the Facebook information I have added fbfe’s latest research and booklets which you can download from our website.

LINK HERE:!/groups/219294818112125/

The FE CHAPLAINS NETWORK on Facebook is an online space for Chaplains, Chaplaincy managers and those engaged with further education in a faith and belief context. The group currently consists of chaplains, regional/national chaplaincy development officers, and youth workers.

The purpose of this group is to facilitate an online platform for the following:

  • Networking
  • Pose questions to colleagues about practical/real-life scenarios, looking for guidance and advice
  • Offer support to those in chaplaincy
  • Share material and resources (or ask for…)
  • Publicise events, forums and conferences
  • Feedback on events and training needs

The group is private, closed community for all regions. Its contents cannot be seen by anyone not in the group – and access to the group is only after a request to join is accepted by the group administrator, who currently:-


Rolf Mason

West Yorkshire FE Chaplaincy Development Officer

AFAN Facilitator (North England)


Twitter: @rolf_mason (personal) @AFAN_north (AFAN)