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This was a very inspirational, heart warming workshop and it’s made me appreciate what I have. It has also given me a different view and opinions of different situations.

Inspiring, eye opening, thought provoking

The lady who did the lecture was lovely! Really inspiring woman!

The session was very inspiring and made me realise the best things in life and why my career is really all about. It made me think that there is more things in life than make up. Thank you for making me realise.

I felt like it helped me to be happy with myself, an inspiring session.

Was good to talk about stuff you wouldn’t usually think of!

Two students joint comment: – This session inspired the both of us to be more aware of others around us and the situations they go through. It has helped us to appreciate things more and help us to take things as they come to us! Thank you very much.

Student comments after a workshopLondon based College

Resources provided by fbfe/AFAN have supported Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) activities at NWHC to directly benefit our students. ‘Challenging Voices’ for example has proven to be an invaluable piece of research and guidance. This publication looks at how we can get students to feel comfortable discussing contentious issues. This has been particularly helpful in regard to issues around faith and sexuality and has helped our chaplaincy service better support, listen and care for students. Without this work it would have been more difficult for us to address such sensitive topics. Students as a direct result of this work have been able to confidently engage with these ‘big issues’. This in turn, helps their own SMSC development.

North Warwickshire and Hinckley College

Bromley College benefits from involvement with fbfe/AFAN in several ways: We have had training for senior managers and student groups from AFAN and have recently been conducting an audit of the SMSC curriculum within our teaching and learning to inform further development sessions by AFAN across our wider staff body during the summer 2014. Resources and activities will then be prepared so that the SMSC curriculum is fully embedded within formal teaching as well as our tutorial programme, personal development, enrichment and social activities.

Additionally there have been benefits to staff, for example by supporting the high standards already achieved within our HR team in terms of E&D and their ongoing work to seize every opportunity to achieve excellence such as by widening the range of organisations and networks to whom we subscribe and share good practice with, and reviewing how we promote their and our values and ethos throughout our recruitment process and procedures.

One of the fbfe activities this year led us to review our careers advice and guidance so that for example, alongside advice on Medical or Science based careers, we endeavour to provide information to those for whom some aspects might present moral or ethical dilemmas and guide them to accessing support and guidance that may enable them to continue to pursue work in their chosen field without compromising their values or beliefs. We are also looking at how we can promote information on a variety of relevant organisations (such as Muslim Women in Business Forum) to encourage our learners to recognise that their career and their religion and/or culture can be compatible and raise awareness of the external help available to them. We are also reviewing, under AFAN guidance, how we might improve the ways in which to promote our quiet rooms for reflection and/or prayer among learners and also widen accessibility.

Bromley College

“Students are at the heart of everything which we do at Chichester College.�� As our recent Outstanding Ofsted report stated, ‘staff place students at the heart of all college activity.  They have an unrelenting determination to ensure learners achieve to their full potential.’  The developmental journey of students is as important as their academic achievement and we have drawn substantially on fbfe�������s joint publication with Ofsted on the spiritual, moral, social & cultural developments (SMSC) to help us foster ethical debate and grow awareness of mindfulness and spirituality.   fbfe exists to support colleges develop awareness of all faiths and none and assist college chaplains to share best practice and Chichester College has benefited substantially from this”

-Shelagh Legrave, Principal at Chichester College