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fbfe – the National Council of Faiths and Beliefs in Further Education:

  • fbfe has its origins in our predecessor body NEAFE – the National Ecumenical Agency in FE which was established over thirty years ago by FE college Principals, tutors and chaplains to foster and develop partnership working and community engagement largely with and through local Christian faith groups
  • At the beginning of this century, NEAFE recognised that it needed to respond to the changed context for education and society as a result of 9/11 and 7/7 and we began to make moves to develop a multi faith and inter-faith organisation based on a belief that understanding the common ground between people of different faiths and beliefs is essential to social harmony.
  • fbfe is not about imposing religion on colleges, staff and students; our role is to help encourage the sector to respond to student, staff and community needs in relation to spiritual, moral, social and cultural (smsc) values in further education and the work place.
  • fbfe’s mission vision and values reflect the changing needs of the sector and society in relation to social action, integration and community cohesion and the critical role that colleges have in this respect in working with faith and belief groups
  • fbfe’s role is to promote inter-cultural understanding, inter faith/belief dialogue and community cohesion between colleges, the work place and the community, We operate as an organisation comprising educational professionals and faith leaders drawn from the range of faith communities involved in FE
  • fbfe has developed particular expertise in the provision of multi-faith student support in further education, working with colleges/providers to help them meet the faith and beliefs needs of diverse student and staff groups.
  • fbfe – the National Councils of Faiths and Beliefs in FE was launched by Bill Rammell, Minister for Lifelong Learning, Further & Higher Education At the Association of Colleges Annual Conference in November 2007.